Bad Boyfriends / Murdered

Toddler’s “Mom” Let Her Boyfriend Beat her Baby to Death


Bloomington, IL – On March 26th, emergency responders were called to a home with reports of a child having a seizure at 4:30am.  An hour later, 3-year old Robbie Cramer was pronounced dead at the local hospital. He was home alone with his mother’s boyfriend, Nicholas Compton, 23, at the time 911 was called.

Since his death, Mr. Compton has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of aggravated domestic battery in connection with the litle boy’s murder. The McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Normal Police Department issued a statement this week that outlines the three murder counts, including one that says that Mr. Compton caused the death of Robbie Cramer by striking him in the abdomen leading to “peritonitis and probable sepsis.” Meaning, he died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen from Compton hitting him so hard.

So where was his mother, Danielle Fisher, in all this? Seems that Mr. Compton was caring for the boy when he died — where was mom at 4;30 in the morning? Working maybe? Not sure, I can’t find that information. When are mothers going to learn that they probably shouldn’t leave their children with their flavor of the month boy toys?

How can I be so harsh without knowing them, you ask? Here’s why:  she knew her boyfriend was beating up her baby and did NOTHING to stop it. She began taking pictures of the injuries that were showing up after leaving her son alone with her man dated back to February. She also considered taking her son to the doctor, but didn’t in fear that medical personnel “would see all of his bruises” and call child welfare authorities.

She’s been charged with 2 counts of endangering the life of a child,  her bond was  set at $500,000.

I hope she rots in jail and then burns in hell.

RIP Little Guy

RIP Little Guy


Thanks to Dorcha for the tip.

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