Angelica Vazquez Murders her Family, Then Commits Suicide

Mother+Angelica+Vazquez+Kills+Husband+and+FamilyMESQUITE, TX –  I will never be able to comprehend what exactly is going through a parent’s mind when they decide that they’re going to kill their children, then kill themselves. Why can’t it just be that you kill yourself if life is really that bad? Angelica Vasquez is a selfish woman who single-handedly decided the fate of her children, Paulina Vazquez, 21, and Alejandro Vazquez, 18, and also that of her husband Marcelo Vazquez before turning the gun on herself.

Two Saturdays ago, police responded to an emergency call from one of the Vazquez’s neighbors that called reporting that she’d heard gunshots coming from the home. No one answered at the residence, but cops weren’t able to find reason to force entry into the home while they were there.  It wasn’t until Wednesday of that same week that the officers returned to find piled up newspapers and mail, that they decided they had just cause to enter the house.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office declared Thursday that Angelica shot and killed her family and then herself. Angelica had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone weeks of chemotherapy.

No note was left by Angelica explaining why she did it, leaving behind so many unanswered questions.  Friends and family can’t understand how this could’ve happened. Friends did mention how Angelica had grown more distant in recent months, presumably depressed over her cancer, though many thought she’d been recovering well.

I hope that for the family and friends left behind that they can find peace after this horrible tragedy.

RIP Vazquez family.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Angelica Vazquez Murders her Family, Then Commits Suicide

  1. To be honest with. I happen to think there is NO excuse for taking ones like, let alone your children’s. This woman was a selfish cowered. if she disliked an hated her life she should of just blown her FN head off, She didn’t need to murder her entire family I have No sympathy for her, she sure as hell didn’t have it for her children..

  2. I’m sorry but you have no right to comment on something you know absolutely nothing about. It says police believed she killed them, you don’t know why and you don’t know what was going on with the family. So why don’t you just mind your own god damn business, worry about yourself before making bashing comments about something you don’t fucking know.

    • I absolutely have the right to make comments with my opinion based on facts that were reported about a public story in the news. I’m sure that if you know this family, you are heartbroken because they are all gone. If that’s the case, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

      However… police wouldn’t place blame on the mother unless they had proof that it was her. Things like gun powder residue on her hands from firing or the gun being next to her when they discovered the bodies. They don’t blame who they ‘think’ did it while guessing. They accuse the person they’re pretty damn certain did it, based on evidence.

      I really am sorry that this family died. But what Angelica did is selfish— plain and simple. Killing your children is inexcusable and you should be ashamed of yourself if you think otherwise.

    • If I may interject here…if you want to come and try and blast Danielle for her post (which is very mild compared to what she could have said) the least you can do is use your name. Man/Woman up and tell her what you think using your name and stand behind it. Danielle didn’t write the post anonymously and she certainly isn’t the first or last blogger that will write this up and have the very same opinion, that there is NO REASON EVER that a mother could have to kill her children.

      While I feel for you if you knew this family, you attacking and blaming Danielle for writing a post that is public record is just utterly ridiculous.

      This is NOT our first post of this type, I can 100% assure you that any information in this post aside from the one opinion Danielle included regarding her being selfish (which I am quite sure most if not everyone would agree with) was found in news articles and researched. Are you commenting and attacking all of them as well?

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