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Another Mother Caught Having Sex With Her Son’s Friend

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – Here we go again…mom seduces son’s friend, gets caught by the friend’s mother and ends up in jail.  I don’t get this shit and never will.  Anyway, let’s get to the details. WENDYCROWELLPHOTO022513

Ok so the seductress of the day is Wendy Crowell (36) and she has been charged with 6 felony counts of sexual assault on a child, after her “relationship” with her son’s 16 y.o. friend was discovered by his mother.  The boy’s mother, a friend of Crowell’s, would often leave her son with Crowell when she needed to be out.  She began to suspect something fishy was going on and checked her son’s phone.  On the phone she found approximately 20 text messages between Crowell and her son, some of them pledging their love to each other.

According to the reports one night, in June 2012, while the boy slept over at Crowell’s house with her son she seduced him. He told police she approached him and told him she wished he was 18 and then suggested he could pretend to be 18 for one night. The two would then have sex and proceeded to have sex 5 more times over the next 3 weeks.   He says it was totally consensual.  Of course he does he’s 16 y.o. and doing his buddy’s mom.

When confronted with the text messages and information from the boy, Crowell denied doing anything with the boy and claims to text all her friends’ children.  Oh really!

I can’t find anything that states what caused the delay in charging her or if something more recent happened that prompted the arrest.  Crowell is being held in Mesa County Jail on $10,000 bond.

Thanks to Jillian for the tip.

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