Abused / Murdered / Neglected

10-year Old Girl Charged with Manslaughter of 3-MO baby

Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway Death: 10-Year-Old Charged With Manslaughter Due In Court
Maine girl, 10, charged in infant’s death
Girl, 10, charged with manslaughter in death of Clinton baby; infant was drugged, suffocated, mom says


3-month old Brooklyn Foss-Greenway was the daughter of Nicole “Nicki” Greenaway of Clinton, ME. On July 7th of this year, Nicki left her baby girl in the care of a friend and co-worker overnight.  In the wee hours of July 8th, 911 was called with reports of a baby who wasn’t breathing. When EMS arrived on the scene,  the baby was unresponsive.  She later died. The state’s medical examiner ruled her death a homicide, but the reason for her death has still not been released.

The baby’s mother says that she was told that her daughter was poisoned with ADHD medicine and smothered. She stated that when she finally saw her daughter at the funeral home, that she had a black eye and bruising on her face.

What gets this story to grace the pages of PTS is that Nicki left that baby in the care of her co-worker and explicitly said that the 10-year old daughter was not to care for the infant by herself. Instead of following her orders, the babysitter placed 3-month old, fussy Brooklyn in a bassinet in her 10-year old’s room for the night and went to bed. The baby suffered her injuries while behind closed doors in the older girl’s room and died.

The 10-year old (whose name hasn’t been released, nor her mother’s) was charged with manslaughter and was in court just last week.  She is the youngest person to be charged with homicide in Maine in at least 30 years – or possibly ever. She plead “no answer” in court. Afterward, her attorney said the manslaughter charge was “too harsh” for someone so young. She faces imprisonment until the age of 21 in tried in the juvenile court.

I want to know why on earth the 10-year old’s mother hasn’t been charged with something? Why she is letting her pre-teen take the whole fall? If she did, in fact, commit this deliberate act – then she should pay. But where is the accountability for her mother? It is due to her poor choice and neglect that this happened at all.

Our hearts go our to Nicki and her surviving 3 kids, and all other loved ones of Brooklyn. Her sweat little light was snuffed out way before her time.

RIP Sweet Brooklyn

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